Yoel Wazana & MSE

Micro Solutions Enterprises, led by president and co-founder Yoel Wazana, is the worldwide leader in the aftermarket imaging supplies industry. Wazana began MSE as reseller in 1994, but by 1997 pivoted towards focusing on manufacturing.  He started out with a goal of producing 5,000 units a month. This switch ended up being exactly what the company needed as it broke even for the first time that year. Wazana’s strategy of guiding MSE towards creating a high quality OEM-alternative had paid off.


Since the late 1990s, MSE has continued to steadily grow. As MSE has grown in stature, so has the aftermarket imaging supplies industry. When Yoel Wazana was first starting out in the business in the late 1980s, recycled toner cartridges had a bad reputation. Many of these cartridges were faulty due to shoddy design. Seeing a serious need for remanufactured cartridges that were actually dependable, Wazana crafted a high quality product that has revolutionized the business. Wazana has 11 U.S patents to his name. Over the years, he and his team of engineers have changed the landscape and the market has noticed. As of 2012, Micro Solutions Enterprises is selling its products in over 40 international markets, all over the world. It would seem that the business climate has finally caught up with MSE’s innovations as there has been a decisive shift towards low cost, high quality supplies. Businesses can’t afford to buy expensive, brand new cartridges all the time. MSE offers a true alternative.


Thanks to Yoel Wazana and MSE, businesses worldwide have been able to cut costs (and help the environment) by using high quality, remanufactured toner cartridges.

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